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Welcome to my hastily and haphazardly assembled Waluigi booth yadda yadda why haven't you downloaded the demo yet? If you have played the previous demo... don't expect any real earth-shattering new additions. This is all but a simple progress update -- I'm not looking to "compete" or anything. After all, I'm holding back all the good stuff for the final release. ;DWhat's new in this demo anyway? -Two new (long) levels, bumping the total playable in this demo up to six. I have obviously made more than that, but you can't see them yet. ;) -World 2's boss has also been added to the demo-- not the level that it can be found in, though. I already spoil you kids enough. ;P -The item shop is now available. -All items and coins you collect in the demo will now be saved to a file. -Minor fixes, etc. Note that this demo is a work in progress, and thus, many features are subject to change! Okay, booth, you forced me to download this game. Soooo... what is it about? Psycho Waluigi is the fangame of my dreams... literally. One night, I dreamed that I made a game where Waluigi possessed psychic powers, which he controlled via a floating aura that revolved around him. It was all very clear to me, from the whole premise to the very game mechanics... It wasn't something I could just keep stashed away within the confines of my subconscious. From there, I decided to build on the concept-- I wanted to create a new world for Waluigi, much like the Wario Land series did for Wario. It wouldn't be just another Mario clone... this would be a project that would really push the boundaries of what a "fangame" could be. Instead of SMB3 clone #2093320948, I wanted to do something different, while still making the influence clear. After all, it's still a Mario tribute at heart, and I ain't gonna hide that fact. Sooooo... here it is. So far, anyway! Join Waluigi on his quest to take over a whole new world with his newfound psychic powers, and enjoy!

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