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3D Thumbnail Generator

3D Thumbnail Generator generates thumbnails of any images with stunning visual effects completely automatically. The glow, perspective, shadows, depth, stroke, curves, 3D effect and more. Thumbnail Generator can generate thousands of thumbnails in one go. Make your favorite thumbnail appearance, select photos to make thumbnails of, and you are ready! In bulk mode, software will generate all pictures automatically, generating thumbnail in the same style. 3D Thumbnail Generator has a true 3D engine, to create 3-dimensional effects such as perspective look, 3D-curving, space warping very realistic. We don't take an image and bend or curve it; instead, the true 3D generator puts the photo into a three-dimensional space, and performs 3-D transformations in all 3 dimensions. The real 3D engine cretes three-dimensional thumbnails with shadows. Program has many effects to enhance your thumbs. Glow, reflections, shadows are just a few to name. You can create thumbnail with sharp or rounded corners. Use 3D Thumbnail Generator anywhere! The thumbnails generator supports all major image formats, including BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, TIFF, PSD.

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