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This Is PK (E-book)

'This Is PK' is a metaphysical self-help handbook that explores the inside truth about developing telekinesis, as a natural result of communicating with God. It guides you towards developing telekinesis fast and awakening psychic abilities!This eBook presents readers with a totally new and powerful framework for understanding the science of mind over matter (psi) and how true PK indeed may benefit Human Life. It is excellent as a tool for elevating the mind and inducing consciousness on the highest levels of yoga and mysticism. The E-book specifically highlights the inherent connections between modern and transcendental sciences in light of the author's amazing discovery in the field of psi (psychokinesis) known as the Fridge Phenomenon."'This Is PK' is excellent for mastering and learning to apply the principles of real transcendental yoga and mysticism to our lives. It facilitates readers in developing telekinesis fast, by giving them the most effective and proven techniques and telekinesis exercises. It also exposes laymen in these areas to the highest levels of transcendentalism and a wide array of powerful metaphysical practices for inducing God consciousness and Psi power. In fact, so many people right now are seeking something new; new solutions for a new age that are highly effective for creating the life that they have always wanted. This eBook is exciting indeed because it presents the author's discovery, which indeed does definitively prove the existence of psychokinetic/psi phenomenon! Without question, This Is PK it is a rich artifact for bringing all of humanity one step closer to its higher levels of existence. This Ebook is here to teach you the best ways of controlling your PK and electrokinetic potential, which is based on sound modern scientific research.Here, the author graciously teaches, step-by-step, how to apply this secret knowledge to life itself, for unlimited personal improvement and spiritual enlightenment.

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