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Creating staff rotas is taxing and time consuming. On Schedule the online scheduler makes it a breeze, saving you hours and money in the process. Manual or automated scheduling with few click scheduling system which is one of the things that makes On Schedule stand out. After some setup, you can create rosters in just a few clicks. Give it a try in the demo. The system allows as much or as little control over the final result as you want. You can edit the choices it makes after the initial shift assignments. Plan schedules with a graphical view of the shifts, working hours translucently overlaying available hours. Much easier to work with than a pen and paper. Data input via standard web forms or using drag and drop, draw to create and resize on the graphical planner. Staff can enter availability and view rotas online. Graphical display in the week planner view which shows the whole week at a glance or drill down to the day planner view. Email and phone support included. We have a human face as well as an online presence.

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