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Task Plus Professional

Task Plus Professional is an innovative multiuser calendar program which maintains a busy office schedule. Task Plus Professional coordinates an office of multiple users at one time using one dataset that is accessed by all users on a local area network.

With Task Plus Professional schedules both calendar sensitive (Date-Oriented) and To-Do tasks for each user identified.

The screen is separated so that all "Date Oriented" tasks are displayed in the upper half of the screen as shown left. Tasks can be assigned to multiple user id's. while the "To-Do" schedule is kept in the bottom half (as shown right). Convienient scheduling of projects for each unique user are made easy with the to-do list.

Task Plus Professional offers an option to view a yearly calendar. This will allow you to view events over an extended period of time, thus making planning much easier and less work. Company Events, vacations, and holidays are displayed on the calendar for all users. With Task Plus Professional these days can easily be included in the schedule.

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