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Baby Gender Calculator

Baby Gender Calculator is software that is used to determine periods with increased probability of conceiving a baby boy or a baby girl for a particular parents couple.
Basis for this calculation are the birth date data of both parents, and therefore this method is different from official medical method and from traditional Chinese method for future child s gender determination. In particular, in both of these methods, mothers role in conceiving a child of particular gender is stressed, either through her periodic cycle, or through her age and the month of conceiving.
Baby Gender Calculator Program is very intuitive and simple to use, and its efficiency is easy to check using data on born children and their parents.
Version 0.42 is the second operational and public version of this software. Version 0.42 was finished and tested in August 2007, and its author, as of previous one, is Obren Markov.
Baby Gender Calculator Program is Shareware, and it works in two modes: Free Trial (unregistered) mode, and Full (registered) mode. Free Trial version is free and assigned to a purpose of testing program abilities by users.
In order to register Baby Gender Calculator Program, it is necessary to install Free Trial version, and then to buy the license and implement it into the program.

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