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PC Chaperone provides the most comprehensive parental controls available by combining powerful Internet filters, instant messenger controls, time management, and user activity monitoring tools.

The robust Internet filters include both extensive website lists and dynamic filters that analyze and categorize websites as they are loaded. Customized filter lists can be created to allow or block specific websites. All browsing activity can be monitored to help identify dangerous or prohibited activities. Access to specific websites can even be time limited, reducing distractions from sites like MySpace.com by setting schedules for when they can be accessed. PC Chaperone is the only Internet filter with this type of scheduling ability.

The advanced AOL (AIM), Windows Live Messenger (MSN), and Yahoo Instant Messenger controls give complete control over which contacts users can have conversations with. Conversations can also be recorded for future review to help identify dangerous behaviour.

The time management tools give complete control over any program through powerful and comprehensive scheduling tools. Unique schedules can be set for any program or similar programs, such as computer games, can be grouped together to share a common schedule and time allotment.

Additional monitoring tools enable tracking of the programs being used, including when they are used and for how long. The integrated keystroke logger allows activity in any program to be recorded.

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