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Chinese Toolbox is a tool to facilitate the learning of written Mandarin Chinese. It is software to help you learn to read Chinese as quickly as possible, and in learning to read, you are learning the language itself. The more you can read, the better you'll be able to communicate verbally in Chinese. No other software helps you to rely less on dictionary lookup while still providing full access to dictionary data.

When beginning to read with Chinese Toolbox, mark characters and words you can recognize via key-press. This categorizes characters or words as Known, and they appear in the reader differently from characters and words you don't know. Marking characters and words as Known enables Unassisted Reading, a feature designed to help you focus on characters and words that you haven't yet learned. As you come across characters or words in your reading that you previously marked as Known, the program doesn't automatically show the dictionary entries of those characters and words. By gradually weaning yourself from dictionary lookup, you begin to truly read in Chinese.

Chinese Toolbox supports three modes of operation: (1) TRIAL mode: try out about 95% of the features for 15 days without charge; (2) READER mode: supports all features and is enabled via payment of $29.95; (3) FREE mode: use Chinese Toolbox without charge indefinitely for character reading; does not support word-oriented features.

Features include: (1) a unique system of learning promoting true reading in Chinese by helping you to reduce dictionary dependence; (2) Context Links through which you can link external Internet resources to the program; (3) a fully customizable character dictionary; (4) a community supported, updatable word dictionary with over 100,000 entries; (5) automatic lookup of definitions and pronunciations showing Pinyin and Zhuyin (Mandarin Phonetic Symbols, Bopomofo); (6) multi-field search; (7) smart character review; (8) character time stamping; (9) and many others.

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