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Russian Word Learning Software

Our aim is to help English speaking people learn Russian, and help Russians learn English.
The Russian Word Teaching Program gives you the opportunity to learn Russian in your half-active time while doing your daily routines e.g. certain kinds of trainings, kitchen activities like washing up, cooking, or driving. Even if you are very busy you can learn a language by taking better advantage of your time, without extra time needed.
It teaches words in their context
The program teaches words through example sentences in their context. Experience shows that it is easier and more effective to learn a whole sentence or expression than one single word. This way you can immediately use the word as you can see it in a whole sentence. It is easier to remember the words this way as they are connected to a certain emotion, special situation, etc.
Checking Function
Checking function helps you to check whether you really know the words you marked as known.
You can set up your own word list which can be used e.g. by your children to do and learn their homework quickly. Even parents without the knowledge of Russian can check their children's Russian learning with the help of our program.

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