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Sayvoice Text to Speech Reader

SayVoice is a pure, natural speech-based text to speech software,which can read aloud any input language, including English, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Russian and so on. Pure ,clear and accurate pronunciation, adjustable reading speed and repeatable recitation are all its features.Meanwhile, SayVoice can convert any text into an mp3 audio file simply by a click of the button! In addition,the software includes a simple built-in internet browser, through which you can read directly the textes from web pages or export them to audio files.

SayVoice is a powerful online translation software. If your computer is linked to the internet, you can use it for real-time online translation. Via SayVoice, languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish and Dutch can be translated into one other. Please note that it is entirely online machine translation only for users reference. The software bears no responsibility for the translation!

The following significant aspects can be realized by SayVoice:
1)Whether you are in the subway,or in the bus, you no longer worry about exhausting your eyes for gazing at your PDA, cell phone and e-books. You can use SayVoice to convert the latest e-books, downloaded articles and reports into mp3 audio files, and copy them to your PDA, cell phone, mp3 and mp4 devices,then you can enjoy yourself l
2)You can also use SayVoice to send a talking e-mail to your friends and relatives, perhaps it can achieve an unexpected effect.
3)Via SayVoice , your can make audio reports and memorandums about the recent issues to your staff ,send your customers audio introduction of new products, and you can even release audio news or publicizing materials in your website or enterprise's blog.

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