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Downloading BioNumerics 7

With BioNumerics latest version , Applied Maths presents an upgrade that is ready for the “next generation” of biological data types and analysis methods. A highlight is the Power Assembler, a new powerful tool for preprocessing and assembling data from NextGen sequencers. The tool uses a concept of operators and actions from which processing pipelines can be built. This approach offers maximal flexibility and allows automation pipelines to be constructed for virtually any specific preprocessing need. Furthermore, the Chromosome analysis tools, which were introduced in version 6.1, have been extended with an automatic annotation tool. BioNumerics now offers a complete chain of chromosome-based applications, from the acquisition and assembly of millions of next generation sequencer reads to comparison and analysis tools that can handle chromosome-size projects, such as pairwise and multiple alignments, annotations, SNP analysis, clustering, etc. Another highlight is the implementation of a new, richer and more powerful Chart and Statistics interface. Attention has been paid to combining user-friendliness for basic charting with maximal flexibility to answer more complicated questions and obtain advanced statistics.

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