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Baseball Manager

Baseball Manager handles all of the administrative tasks of running your team. Create rosters, game and practice schedules; build inning-by-inning line-ups; enter player and team stats; track all hit balls with the Scatter Chart.

* Track 53 pitching, 50 hitting and 15 fielding stats - all the baseball stats and softball stats you could ever need.
* Create 9 or 10 player line-ups and create inning by inning line-up reports to take to the ballpark.
* Choose from 4 line-up formats.
* Use the exclusive QuikStats feature to instantly view vital pitching, hitting, fielding and team stats - all important stats, including box scores, are just a click away.
* View and print over 50 reports that show key team information and game performance analysis.
* Convert any report to PDF format for easy distribution.
* Track Pitching, Hitting and Fielding stats for opposing players.
* Print summary and detail Pitching, Hitting, Fielding reports for opposing players.
* Use the Season Setup Wizard to quickly and easily configure your team and season.
* Use the Manager's Clipboard to view up to the minute game, practice and stats information.
* Create custom reports with a few clicks of the mouse.
* Schedule all games and practices quickly and easily, then print or email the schedules to players and staff.
* Create summary or detailed player and staff rosters, then print or email the rosters to players and staff.
* Enter an unlimited number of Practice Drills.
* Get started by choosing from 100 common drills that are included.
* Create detailed Practice Plans by scheduling drills, players and coaches for any scheduled practice.
* Track all balls hit in the field and spot hitting trends with the exclusive Scatter Chart feature.
* Print detailed Scatter Chart reports to take to the ballpark.
* Manage player tryouts and drafts with up to 10 stats categories.
* Print tryout input forms to take to the field to make player evaluations the easiest they've ever been.
* Instantly look up pitching and hitting leaders in any of 13 categories.
* Save several reports as Web files to post to a website.

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