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Visual Paradigm for UML (Community Edition) for Wi

Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML) is a superior UML tool that supports full software lifecycle - analysis, design, construction, testing and deployment. The UML modeling software helps you build quality applications faster, better and cheaper. You can draw all types of UML diagrams, reverse code, generate code from diagrams and generate documentation. The UML CASE tool also provides plenty UML tutorials, UML demonstrations and UML projects.

Feature List:
+The latest UML support
+CRC (Class-Responsibility-Collaborator) Card diagram
+Business Workflow diagram - Process, Decision, Business Actor
+Round-trip engineering
+Code Generation - UML model to code
+Reverse engineering - Code to UML class diagram
+Instant Reverse for Java, database tables through JDBC, Hibernate, C++, CORBA IDL, Ada9x...
+Use Case Details Editor - An all-in-one environment for specifying a use case's details including general model specification and use case descriptions
+Full Screen Diagram Editing - Maximizes the diagramming area
+Sweeper - Drag to sweep shapes aside to make room for creating new shapes.
+EJB Diagram - Visualize EJB systems.
+EJB Code Generation and Deployment - Generate beans for your application development and deployment.
+Database reverse - Reverse database to ERD/Class Diagram
+ORM support - Generate persistent Java objects from a database
+Database generation - ERD to database tables
+Auto-sync between code and diagrams
+Report generator - generating documentation
+Automatic diagram layout - rearrange shapes and connectors
+Import/export XMI
+Import Rational Rose
+Microsoft Visio Integration - UML diagramming with stencils from Visio
+Export diagrams to images (PNG, JPG, SVG)
+Version control

Other UML modelling Tools / UML Plugins:
Windows Platform:
+SDE for MS Visual Studio .NET

Java Platform (Windows/Linux/Mac OS X):
+SDE for Oracle JDeveloper
+SDE for IBM WebSphere
+SDE for JBuilder
+SDE for IntelliJ IDEA
+SDE for Eclipse
+SDE for NetBeans
+SDE for Sun ONE
+SDE for WebLogic Workshop
+More SDE...

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