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Clyton is an email client with advanced security and spam filtering features. The spam filter is highly configurable and supports DNS blacklist checking (DNSBL). Expect 85% of spam to be eliminated with the default configuration. Email that is suspicious but not obviously spam can be quarantined for 24 hours and then retested. The built-in address book supports personalized mass-mailings. Received email cannot run scripts, download multimedia, or use embedded objects without the user's approval. Other features include encrypted storage, whitelisting, powerful HTML editor, attachment viewer, message drag and drop, custom message templates, SSL encryption, and much more.

Key Features :
Advanced spam detection engine supports custom rules and DNSBL blacklisting (such as Spamhaus). Expect 85% of spam to be eliminated with the default configuration.
To ensure complete privacy, stored messages can be encrypted and mailboxes can be password protected.
Built-in address book supports custom fields and import/export.
Send personalized mass mail to a filtered set of address book contacts.
Connections to the mail server can be secured with SSL/TLS encryption.
Until permitted, HTML email is restricted from running scripts, loading embedded objects, and downloading media.
Supports text search (global and local).
Whitelist prevents false positives in spam engine.
Supports both POP3 and IMAP4.
Supports message templates with merged fields.
Message drag & drop supported.
Attachment viewer supports a wide variety of image formats, HTML, and MIME.
Multithreaded design keeps the user interface responsive. Receiving, sending, and spam checking is performed in the background by worker threads.
Compose email formatted in HTML with a powerful editor.

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