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Account Chef

Account Chef is an unlimited email account creator software. With this application, you can get bulk email account in just one click. It will auto find available email provider, then auto register bulk email accounts, all of these are done automatically. If you need a lot of email accounts, e.g. register account in some websites, email activation, seo marketing... then Account Chef is a powerful tool for you.
How Account Chef works:
Create Account: Just click 'Start' button to start create account. It will auto looking for available email provider to create account. Just need one click, you will get unlimited email accounts.
Account List: All successful accounts will save to your database. You can copy it out to do what you want to do. You also can mark it as used, unused, or delete it.
Email List: When a new email arrives in your mailbox, you can download it via pop3. You can choose one email account from your account list. If you choose 'All Account' option, it will download all mails of your all accounts.
Advanced Feature:
Catch All: Auto open all unread mails and visit all urls in built-in browser.
Email Accounts Export: Save your account list to a txt file.
Reset: You can purge all accounts or mails to restore defaults.

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