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BizBook EZ Web Page Creator

This package includes a standalone flash player by Adobe, CSS Editor Tool, BizBook Search Tool and Toolbar, Demo Video and K-Lite Codec Pack for Media Player, Android App and much more. BizBook employs SSL (Secure Socket Layers) 256 bit encryption to protect users data sensitive pages from being intercepted over a secure connection. All users personal information is encrypted and stored in a secure database, even in the event the database was breached all of the users sensitive data will be unreadable and rendered useless for any intruder to collect or use. Security encryption algorithms are changed randomly at regular intervals by an automated process. There are no back-end scripts for moderators, the BizBook site is completely automated. There are no human moderators involved in any process at any level. This prevents intruders from exploiting moderators login and gaining access to any level of the site or its systems. Users GEO location and movement within the site are logged, in the event of illegal activities and/or requests from authorized legal officials within the USA, upon court order can be released to the proper authorities. Offensive words and phrases are removed within the site by an automated process. Payments made to BizBook are secured by PayPal a trusted financial corporation owned and operated within the USA and are refundable upon billing errors or at the request of the payee if PayPal finds the refund granted within its policies. BizBook does not have any access to any banking or credit card information, only PayPal has direct access to the payment method. Funds are transferred to BizBook from PayPal through an automated process instantly as the payment is made by the user. Users web pages are published hourly to Google and MSN networks for inclusion in those search engine indexes via an XML sitemap generated by the BizBook site.

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