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Chirp is a Windows Mobile application designed to make very cheap international calls via wide variety of Betamax providers. Application uses device internet connection to send control commands to Betamax servers which connect any two landline or mobile phones.

- supports 26 Betamax providers
- selects optimal available provider depending on source and destination tariffs
- connects any 2 landline or mobile phones. Numbers should be entered in international form (+ country code - are code - phone number)
- allows to check account balance. Supports Freedays feature
- shows detailed billing information during call: projected tariff (stored in DB), actual tariffs, connection fees, connection time, total credits used
- supports integrated phone book
- ready for all Windows Mobile devices with resolutions 240x240 and above (both portrait and landscape). Optimal for 240x320/240x400/480x640/480x800 portrait devices
- free calls to various popular landline and mobile destinations like: United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore
- free calls to various popular landline destinations like: United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, France, Greece, Japan, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Australia, Brazil, and lot more

Additional info
- uses internet only for connecting with Betamax servers. Traffic is limited to control commands amounts of which are acceptable even to EDGE/GPRS connections. WiFi is optimal
- after Betamax server accepts commands and establishes session, source and destination phones are connected via callback, thus no outgoing calls
- application uses internal DB to analyze phone geographic attributes and providers' tariffs which can differ on moment of actual call

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