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recover deleted files windows

The File Data Recovery Software is a kind of Recovery Software that is specially designed for various formats of computer files. It applies advanced data recovery core technology. The optimized file data recovery core module strengthens the effects of locating and recovering after files lose and maximize the data file recovery. The File Data Recovery Software can recover the lost files caused by accidental deletion, accidental disk formatting, USB drive prompt formatting and disk repartitioned loss. Meanwhile, in order to meet the demand of majority of users, the File Data Recovery Software free edition provides 1G image recovery capacity for free. Deep data recovery technology: Its exclusive deep data file recovery technology can do fully scanning deeply into the data storage area, located lost data more accurately and effectively enhances the success rate of data file recovery. High-speed scanning mode: The File Data Recovery Software applies more efficient data recovery engine, effectively improve the efficiency of data recovery and greatly reduces the time for the data file recovery. Customer-friendly user interface: The File Data Recovery Software provides a help wizard through the recovery process. Users just need to follow the instructions of this wizard step by step and then they can easily get started. Perfect compatible ability: The File Data Recovery Software is comprehensively compatible with current Windows operating systems and keep the compatible ability of the new generation of Windows operating system in the future. Support free data recovery: The File Data Recovery Software provides 1G data file recovery capacity for free to meet the demand of majority of users.

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