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With the Internet playing an increasingly important role in our daily activities, security is stepping forth to top the list of every surfer’s priorities. There are plenty of situations where anonymity is not merely a desire to conceal your identity, but an objective requirement of safety that many of us need so much. Anonymous Internet surfing may come handy for people of different occupations – from reporters working in remote offices to NGO workers that want to make sure that their online activities are not being monitored. If you have been looking for simple, affordable and 100%-reliable solution for anonymous web surfing, make sure you don’t miss Mask Surf!

In its work, Mask Surf relies on Tor – a network of virtual tunnels that allows people and groups to improve their privacy on the Internet. Tor efficiently connects people across the world while keeping their whereabouts hidden from the prying eyes. Not only does Mask Surf allow you to browse the Internet anonymously, but also purges the browser history stored on your computer, which totally wipes out any information about your surfing habits, recent web site visits and file downloads. With Mask Surf, you can easily mask or hide the information related to your OS type and version, browser, system language, as well as the IP address that you are working from.

Featuring a simple and user-friendly interface, this amazing tool guarantees the absence of any activity history on your computer. The built-in cleaning tools and be used for selective removal of the browser cache, site history, forms and passwords stored in the system, cookies and records of downloaded files. If you prefer to use several browsers at once, you can configure these operations for each of them. The current version of Mask Surf supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and most popular instant messengers such as AOL, Windows Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and, of course, ICQ. Mask Surf is available for Windows 2000\XP\Vista.

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