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Happytime Onvif Proxy

Happytime onvif proxy is the onvif protocol proxy. It supports proxy onvif compatible devices and can proxy many onvif compatible devices simultaneously. It forwards requests from the onvif client tool, CMS, NVR to the proxy onvif compatible device, and then forwards the response from the onvif compatible device to the onvif client, CMS, NVR. It supports PTZ transparent operation, snapshot forwarding, system log forwarding, upgrade file forwarding, system backup forwarding, event forwarding, and automatic discovery of devices. Onvif proxy also automatically configures rtsp streaming proxy, supports rtsp proxy, supports rtsp proxy on-demand connection.
Onvif proxy only requires simple configuration to achieve fully transparent proxy.
Happytime onvif proxy supports multiple platforms, including windows, linux, mac, android, ios, embedded linux, and so on. The onvif proxy can be used as an edge device to facilitate deployment and centralized management of many onvif devices.

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