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VMVSystems NetAdmin

VMVSystems NetAdmin 2.0 - software written using Delphi 7 environment, includes:

* Local Information: CPU, Memory, IP, Mac, Current network connections
* Common tools: Ping, Trace Route, Whois, Shares scanner, NetSend, Ip Config, Info from Ip
* Scanners: Port scanner, CGI vulnurability scanner, FTP scanner, POP3 scanner, Port test
* TRAFFIC ANALYSER (sniffer) - allows to monitor network activity, filter traffic by protokol, source/destination port or Ip, view statisctics, record captured packets to file.
* Additional Tools: SMTP Client, POP3 Client, Create Share resource

VMVSystems NetAdmin is compartible with Win 2k/XP/2003, does not require any external DLL's or drivers.

Software is developed to help people with implementation of many usefull network and administration functions. All main modules are created with API, without components usage, this can help you to understand basic approaches and to see how it works without "blackboxes". However 2 components packs are used for interface only purposes - Jedi and RbControls.

Software is FREE, Source $29 ONLY!

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