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Windows Mobile Monitor is a software application designed for cell phones running Microsoft Windows Mobile. The application runs silently and invisibly recording all text message and phone call activity that takes place on the phone. You can retrieve the recorded information two different ways: via a secure website or by physically obtaining a log file off the phone.

With the latest version of Windows Mobile Monitor, you can securely connect the device you are monitoring to our servers. As long as the phone has a data plan, Windows Mobile Monitor will upload phone call and text message data to your account. You can login to the Windows Mobile Monitor Remote Control Panel anytime and see an almost realtime view of the phone's usage! Once the monitoring software is installed, you never need to access the device again. You can view, filter, and download phone call and text message information from our secure website. You even can remotely uninstall the application and clean up the evidence if needed.

What Information Is Collected?
Text Messages: Outgoing and Incoming | Phone Calls: Outgoing, Incoming, and Missed Calls

Does the name of the caller or sender get recorded?
Yes, as long as the number is stored in the phone's contact list. If the number does not belong to a contact, only the number will be recorded.

Will text messages and calls that were deleted still be recorded?

How does Windows Mobile Monitor get on the phone to be monitored?
You will need physical access to the phone to initially install Windows Mobile Monitor. Once installed, it is automatically and silently started whenever the phone is turned on.

Will the user of the monitored phone be aware that their activity is being recorded?
Only if you advise them. The software is invisible to the user of the phone.

Is there a monthly charge for the remote retrieval service?
There is no subscription fee! You can monitor an unlimited number of phones from one account.

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