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Anyplace Control

Anyplace Control - fast, affordable remote PC control and monitoring software for individuals and businesses.

The idea behind the program is quite simple - installing the software allows a person view the monitors of other users in the network and remotely access their computers to launch programs, shutdown or reboot computer or fix technical problems. All this can be done from the office, at home, hotel, well- anywhere.

Software includes: File Transfer between PCs; Cut and Paste between PCs; restart and shutdown remote pc, lock remote mouse and keyboard, turn off remote monitor etc.
It works with dynamical IP addresses and bypasses routers and firewalls without any network settings.

Anyplace Control features reliable secure multiple connections support that won't overburden your network. The connection and data transfer speeds are very impressive. Importantly, with the split-screen technology one system administrator can monitor multiple computers, as well as two or more administrators can control one remote computer at the same time.

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