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FlexiHub is a must-have tool for remote operations with USB and COM devices. Create a centralized control center for all networked peripherals and share local devices over Ethernet or the Internet in a couple of clicks. You can redirect traffic from USB and COM devices to both real and virtual machines, cloud-based or powered by any popular hypervisor. FlexiHub uses four communication channels, including RDP and UDP, to ensure flawless USB over TCP/IP connectivity even without public IPs or hidden behind NAT. And it lets you set the priority of channels used to connect to remote devices. Use any device in real-time across all distances and platforms (i.a. ARM-based systems). FlexiHub is compatible with all device types and brands and provides you with all the relevant data on devices shared across your network so it’s easy to find a certain device - a printer, phone, HID, etc. Also, FlexiHub features a dedicated option for data loss prevention and handy auto-connect service that will make sure no unstable Internet connection will ever disrupt your smooth workflow. Plus, you can invite other FlexiHub account owners to use your shared devices or create a login token to safely share your account with others without revealing login credentials. And it’s up to you to lock any device you don’t want to be accessible so it won’t be seen from other PCs. All your data stays safe with us thanks to advanced 2048-bit SSL encryption, and there is an option to reduce traffic by compressing the data. Also, FlexiHub for Windows has the in-app chat for direct communication with other users logged into the same account.

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