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1.Connect multiple Mobile Phones to more SMSs at EXTREME HIGH SPEED.
2. It includes a scheduler with which you can set reminders or enter your daily time table to remind you of your day to day work through sms.
3. During the process of sending bulk sms, the user can also use it to send a single SMS as the software can automatically pause and resume the process of sending bulksms.
4. A database backup service is included as part of the application it helps to keep all your database records backup for future use.
5. Gives you full reports of sent/failed sms.
6.Detailed Graphs/Statistical information about sent data and sms speed.
7. Reports can be exported to ACCESS/EXCEL/TEXT files
8.Import numbers from EXCEL/ACCESS/TEXT files
9.Generate random numbers on any mobile number series for sending SMS.
10.Built-in client database subscription service - We can provide you a list of potential clients you can contact.It's built right into the software.
11.Integrates with ANY existing Excel sheet or access database table. For example :It can automatically send payment dues for each recipient picking their specific details from an excel sheet.
12.Supports Flash SMS,Long SMS and Group SMS
13.Includes Smileys and preset messages.
14.Ability to save your messages as templates.
15.Filter numbers based on service provider/area
16.Inbuilt unsubscribe list/block list management.
17.Displays Signal Quality,Battery Level,IMEI and other basic information about your Mobile Phone.
18.Sends upto 600,000 SMSs per day on an average when using multiple mobiles.
19.Automatically resumes sending of SMS even after power failures and starts up right when the Windows login screen pops up.
20.ONE year Subscription for 8 hours and 7 days E-mai and Telephonic support provided along with the software on purchase.A callcenter with well qualified technical people is dedicat

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