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Job Manager is a professionally developed classified system; super easy and user-friendly interface! A perfect solution for webmasters and web designers: with only few steps and a single licence you can install the script on any website and have a job listing website within minutes.
There is no limit on the number job ads that you can add to your listing. View counter is available to show how many times each job offer has been viewed. For each job offer you can select category, type, salary, full description. If needed you can include full employer details or only part of them.
If you are a webmaster or just manage multiple websites with our script you can put job listing engine on each one of them. With a single Developer licence you can install the script on all the websites that you manage. You are also allowed to rebrand it and to remove our copyright notices.
Using an external CSS files the look of the job listing pages can be easily changed. Using either a PHP include file or an iframe code you can virtually put the job listing on any valid HTML web page. Job Manager uses an external plain text language file. This means that if you want to translate the administration or front end pages you can easily do it by editing this file. Download the full PHP SOURCE CODE!

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