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In a single search, you can combine the knowledge base of several Internet search engines pinpointing the exact information you need with WebSeeker. Whether you're looking for travel information, sport scores, news, books, scrapbooking items, music, home improvement tips, cars, clip art, software, genealogy, etc. WebSeeker makes searching the Web simpler, and gives you optimum search results.You still have several limitations when using popular search engines such as Yahoo, Lycos, Goto, MSN, Snap, Excite, etc. *Inability to save searches, leaves you no option to come back later. Use WebSeeker to save, renew, and refine search results. *You're missing out on finding valuable Web sites because each engine returns different results. WebSeeker gathers and compares results from several search engines. *Different search engines may show the same results. WebSeeker removes the duplicates. *Boolean logic operators: AND, OR, PHRASE, are hard to use because there isn't a standard. WebSeeker knows the Boolean operators. *Hitting the back button 10 times to go to the original results page is tedious. WebSeeker returns a single alphabetized list of results. WebSeeker gets rid of the limitations that standard search engines have today! WebSeeker, the first meta-search tool, leverages the power of many search engines, and uses your computer to refine the results, making it effortless for you to find information on the Internet. *Saves time -WebSeeker tracks where you've browsed, and monitors the Web for new information. *Saves money - WebSeeker finds the best deals, speeds up searches, selects out the junk, removes duplicates, and trashes unreachable pages. *One-click searching - while you're browsing simply select words, and right-click to search with WebSeeker. *Highlights keywords on search results page for easy navigation. *Eliminates the need to hit the Next page or More Results buttons returned by search engines.

Why Choose WebSeeker as your search bot?
Because WebSeeker gets rid of the limitations and frustrations you have when searching Yahoo, Lycos, Google, Goto, MSN, etc. WebSeeker eliminates the need to hit the "Next page" or "more results" buttons. You can save your searches. You don't have to sort through different results returned by each search engine. WebSeeker does all of the boolean logic (AND, OR, PHRASE) for you, which is great because most search engines are different. WebSeeker also makes it simple to get back to the original results page so you don't have to worry about hitting the back button a hundred times. WebSeeker is also simple to use. You Select a word, and click on the bird. Instantly, WebSeeker, leaps to life and searches for your word or phrase. And not just a wimpy one-engine search, it scours the Internet for valuable results.

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