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Exsate VideoExpress

All-in-one automatic DV capture, DV editing and DV recompression wizard. The most fast program for easy and fast creation of professional-looking home movies and video archives with highest possible quality. This makes the tool useful both for video amateurs and professionals.

DV capture module of the software automatically rewind a tape, finds the beginning of a record, stops at the end and captures to multiple files without dropped frames.

DV editing module automatically corrects some corrupted frames on a tape, automatically constructs a timeline, analyzes pictures and recorded DV date/time stamps and inserts the best transition for the moment, resizes clips to let the timeline fit a given total time, gives you NLE capabilities to edit the timeline, supports more than 50 transitions.

DV export module successfully completes the idea of the DV to movie wizard. It supports automatic export/recompression to MPEG1, MPEG2, DVD/SVCD/VCD compartible streams, AVI and ASF formats with multipass encoding, automatically displays the DV date and time stamp on a video frame, exports to multiple files, works in background to let you run other programs while Exsate VideoExpress is working.

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