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Batch Picture Protector

Batch Picture Protector is a powerful and easy-to-use bulk image watermarking software. Program can protect your digital photos and artworks by adding professional transparent watermarks that combine text, images and graphics. When used in conjunction with your favorite picture editing software, a watermark can even contain your copyright,website url, or logotype. Batch Picture Protector is the best way to achieve simpler and faster picture protection.
This watermarking tool is particularly useful to artists,designers, and banner makers who send artwork proofs to customers for evaluation. Those who publish pictures on internet web galleries can also protect image copyright with this watermarking software. By using the Batch Picture Protector, digital pictures can be effectively protected from unauthorized use. This image watermarking software adds permanent watermarks that cannot be removed.You can use wide customizable multiple watermarks of any complexity.A built-in watermark file manager assists with the editing of several watermarks for different purposes. You can save your favorite stamps into the watermark library and use them again whenever required.

Key features:
* Transparent watermarks with fully customizable text and graphics
* Bulk photo processing including recursive file processing
* User-friendly and easy-to-use
* Mouse-operated addition of visual watermarks
* Automatic watermark placement* Adjustable transparency
* Watermark text inclusive of macros (current file name,date,time,etc)
* Versatility allowing load/save of several watermarks
* Works with all major image formats (JPEG,PNG,BMP,GIF,TIFF,PCX,TGA)
* Windows Vista and Windows 7 complian

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