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Pony Fulldome is a professional tool to create high quality full dome images and video. With this tool, you could convert you images to full dome high quality images and video. You can define the width, height, frame rate, duration, quality, format of output full dome images and videos. Pony Fulldome is an easy-to-use tool suits for the people who involves in full dome, high resolution, spherical panoramic image design and movie making. To see the full dome images and video demo, please visit this page: www.ponyfulldome.com Features of Pony Fulldome: * Convert image to full dome image, frames, and video; * Support BMP, Jpg, Tga, Png source images formats; * Output full dome photo in BMP, Jpg, Tga, Png images formats; * Output full dome photo in Quicktime (*.mov) and *.avi movie video formats; * Support user defines width, height, frame rate, duration of output images and videos; * Support user defines video quality, times, frames, etc; * Support H.264 video format output; * Support a sequence of frames of 6 images from Left, front, right, back, top, bottom (optional) synthesize into a sequence of frames of full dome image; * Live preview: instantly see the effect of different settings, without the need to synthesize first; * Create HUGE size full dome images: set a large resolution to create very HUGE full dome image, so you could use the image as a full dome digital movie material or print out as a large poster with better definition. * Nice quality of synthesized full dome image with fast synthesis speed; * Support adjust the view angle dynamically and preview the synthesized results quickly; * Support for multiple processors / multiple core computers; * Easy-to-use layout. * Fully support Window XP/Vista/7.

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