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Sort Photos - fast ? Then you need Sort Photos. This full-automatic photo sorter will sort photos, sort pictures, rename images, sort photographs with any content and dimensions. Now you see - All photo collection will be organized perfectly with such powerful Photo Sorter. Sort photos by date, manage photos by time, sort photographies by dimensions (sort pictures by width and by photo height) - Image sorting is easy as never. With such photo sorting software as Sort Photos all your photo collection will be automatically sorted and organized - even if your photo collection has a large size.

Key photo sorter features:
~ Sort photos (automatically) (with automatic photo sorter)
~ Sort photos fast (with powerful image sorter wizards)
~ Sort photos qualitative (while photo sorting are used all versions of photo document tags, including EXIF, IPTC, GPS, TIFF, etc.)
~ Sort photos in one mouse click (just start picture sorter and all photos will be sorted automatically)
~ Sort all photographies, even of rare formats (photo sorter sort more than 729 photography file types, including all types of JPG, JPEG, PSD, BIN, PNG, etc.)
~ Sort photos and that is not all (all your photos will be not only sorted - they also will be automatically renamed)

Sort Photos - is a full-automatic photo sorter, picture renamer and picture organizer. Photo sorter will sort and organize all your picture collection fast and easy. All you need is just to download image sorter and all photographies will be sorted, organized and renamed exactly as you want.
Sort Photos in automatic mode - photo sorting never was so smooth.

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