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Batch Create Image Thumbnails

Batch create image thumbnails tool.
When you create a album directory or pictures published to the web, in order to speed up the browsing speed, will generate thumbnail images.
This tool can generated all the pictures thumbnails under the directory.
Main function:
(1) Support 5 kinds of thumbnails produced by: Scaled-down, High proportion,Width proportion,Custom,Specify height/width maximum Scaled down;
(2) Thumbnail support two kinds of naming: the current directory of the original file name plus the prefix / custom path to maintain the original file name;
(3) Support a single image thumbnails generated and the volume automatically generated directory of all the images;
(4) Support JPG / JPEG image;
(5) Support picture preview, display thumbnails processing information.
Works with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.

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