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Polenta ScreenShot

Polenta ScreenShot is a free, powerful, lightweight, screen capture tool, that allows you to easily capture ANY area of your PC screen, or even grab the full screen.
It always ?sleeps? in the system tray, till when you recall it by pressing the proper hot keys.

It allows you the following:

* Take screnshots of a selectable area of your PC desktop
* Take screnshots of your complete PC desktop
* Save the screen shot automatically in one of the most used image file formats:

* Copy the screenshot to clipboard, so you can paste it in your document (MS Word, OpenOffice, etc.).
* Email the screen shot directly. In this way a new ready-to-send email message, with the image file attached, will be created.

It is Freeware. It means that you can use it for free - no costs for you.
You can recall it pressing the proper hot keys

* Press the Ctrl and PrintScreen keys at the same time, and then select the area of the screen with the mouse
* Press the Alt and PrintScreen keys at the same time to capture the full screen.

This program was tested either for Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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