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Hasha Media Player is software built in Adobe Flash technology. It plays video and audio files using Adobe Flash Player. Adobe Flash Player 9 is currently installed on 96 % of all PCs and on a large number of mobile devices as well (mobile phones, palmtops, ...). It allows playing of media files in your internet browser. Hasha Media Player gives you the opportunity to add your own informational, promotional, entertaining, etc. video or audio content to your website. It is free for non-commercial use. For commercial use, please buy a license on www.olobonsoft.com.

1.Support for Etarget.eu advertising system - new.
2.New look - new.
3.Set your own colour of the player - new.
4.Support for pseudo-streaming xmoov, lighttpd and apache (mod_flvx) - new.
5.Control automatic audio/video file loading, launching and looping.
6.Have your own PLAY button which is located in the centre of the video by specifying the path to your own PLAY button image or swf file.
7.Video start image - you can also specify the path to image or swf file that will be displayed while loading video before launching and define a URL for it.
8.Video end image - you can specify the path to image or swf file that will be displayed after video finishes and define a URL for it. The user will be taken to the URL after clicking on the image.
9.Have your own logo displayed while video is being played. Just specify path to your logo image or swf file and define your desired location.
10.You can create your own subtitles for played video - standard SubRip .SRT and Timed Text .XML formats are supported.
11.Set up the player with flashvars or XML file.
12.Hasha Media Player has its own debugging feature which will display settings values and system error warnings.

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