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BrowseControl helps you restrict inappropriate surfing and enforce Internet usage policies in your organisation.

Product Fetures :

- Deny all access to the Internet
- Allow access to company/school specific sites Allowed List
- Deny access to specific sites Blocked List
- Restrict use of specific applications such as Kaaza, Solitaire etc., through the App Blocker
- Multiple Consoles allows management at both a centralized as well as remote locations/classrooms/departments
- Block floppy/CD drives
- Block keyboard/mouse/screen
- Shut down or reboot Client PCs remotely
- Schedule times during the day when Internet is enabled
- Control and schedule Internet access per individual PC or group, department or classroom
- Restrict messaging, FTP, ICQ etc
- Block exes as well as files with different extensions
- Readily import/export Allowed/Blocked lists and Application Blocking lists through the Import/Export feature
- Customize a pop-up message, to notify users trying to access unauthorized sites or applications
- User/Computer based BrowseControl
- Port filtering Options
- Remote Installation of Clients
- Redirect Clients
- Import Users
- USB Blocking
- Shutdown Scheduler
- Bypass Applications

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