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EMCO Permissions Audit SQL

EMCO Permissions Audits is a luminous network permissions audit tool brought to you by EMCO Software. It has been developed while keeping in mind the permissions audit requirements of network administrators. As network administrators must have a detailed knowledge about their network including the details and precise information about the access control for their network resources i.e. which users have access to which network resources on a domain. And what type of access a certain user has on a specific network resource weather it's full, read only or change. So you need tool that can give you details information about the users on a domain, and what access level they have and on what resources in a most efficient and organized manner. EMCO Software simulated all these requirements as well as some more advanced features in EMCO Permission Audit; an excellent tool to audit the permissions on all resources on a domain. It empowers network administrators to audit different permission base information on a domain. EMCO Permissions Audit provides four different options to check the permissions on certain recourse.* Direct Access Token* Direct and Group Access Token* Direct and Everyone Access Toke* Access via Any Token It organizes the information about the network resources and shows which users have access to which resources on a domain in an excellent manner. It allows users to export the audit data in a variety of file formats including HTML, PDF, JPEG and Excel etc. EMCO Permission Audit has the ability to scan available servers on a domain with just one click. EMCO Permissions Audit is integrated with MS SQL Server, so giving you the ability to fully utilize the powers of one of the most efficient and secure database system available these days in the market. You can either use MS SQL Server Desktop Engine, a free tool by Microsoft or you can use Microsoft SQL Server depending on your requirements.

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