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Internet Kiosk Pro

Internet Kiosk Pro turns your PC into an Internet kiosk public access workstation. Completely disable access to files and software installed on your PC and give full access to all necessary applications user should use. Create a workstation for a public place and give strangers free access to it in such a way that they could use it without damaging system files and applications or cluttering HDD with garbage. Selectively allow users any programs installed on your PC such as web browser, email client, office applications and other tools in a secure manner. Internet Kiosk Pro is a complete complex solution for Internet cafes, public libraries, information terminals and stand-alone kiosks as well as for limiting activities of children on home PCs. Internet Kiosk Pro supports several security modes such as username and password authentication, time-locked code to allow users to access workstation for a given period of time only and a combination of both.

Features :
Lock workstations so that only the programs you allow can be executed.
Prevent people from gaining access to your windows environment.
Create shortcuts to different web sites.
Run Internet Explorer in kiosk mode.
Run some shortcuts automatically.
Allow only people who have access to use your workstations.
Possible to issue the time locking codes.
Possible to block most of the functions in the Internet Explorer.
Choose keys to block.
Share one file with usernames across multiple workstations over the net.
Run the program automatically in locked mode in your workstation.
Make the program log in automatically.
Unlock it as administrator with master password quickly and easily.

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