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Security Task Manager

Security Task Manager is an alternative to the standard Task Manager included on all Windows PCs. It provides additional tools that allow you to see where a process is located, when it was started, the amount of CPU resources it is using and more. In addition to the basic information it provides, Security Task Manager will evaluate potential security risks and assign a rating to the process. If a process is keylogging, running software in the background, hiding any of its actions, or submitting information to your browser, this software will pick it up. Security Task Manager does not require installation in the registry, nor does it use any signature files or keylogging to perform its analysis. It uses a general analysis based on common actions taken by certain potentially dangerous files. Because Security Task Manager will detect even stealth files that Windows Task Manager cannot, it is able to detect and quarantine potentially damaging files quickly. When you detect a dangerous process, the software allows you to stop it, delete it or quarantine it. Each risk rating can be commented on and there is a built-in Online search option to see what you might be dealing with. When you purchase the full version of Security Task Manager you will also receive a free copy of Protector, which will actively remove any spyware, trojans or keyloggers installed on your computer. It will also remove activity from your browsers and caches. Security Task Manager is available for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP.

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