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Activity Monitor for Mac

Trustworthy activity monitor for Mac OS X allows administrator to supervise the total activities executed by your friends, family members and company employees on your confidential computer system in your absence. Apple Mac operating system based keyboard monitoring program sustains automatic startup attribute and create reports of recorded information and also offers backup of records. Innovative key log manager utility for Mac operating system captures screenshots of running applications and also records every visited URLs, login, password, chatting conversations using yahoo, rediffmail, gtalk etc and typed data on documents like word, excel, notepad etc within password protected log file. Reliable personal computer monitoring software for Apple Macintosh operating system is competent to customize for particular objectives and keeps uncomplicated installation method and also skilled to hide installation files and folders. Graceful activity monitor for Mac application runs in background process with completely hidden mode as a result tool does not slow down the working of other system program. Pioneering keyboard surveillance software for Apple Mac is most suited application for system administrator, parents, office managers, employer and many more.
* Resourceful Macintosh operating system based key log manager application records whole activity of user such as insertion or removal of USB mass media drives.
* Trustworthy activity monitor for Mac software utilizes assorted advanced or standard tracking algorithms to surveillance whole system activities covertly.
* Reliable Apple Mac OS X based keyboard monitoring utility upholds password protection attribute, accordingly monitored data can be acquired by the administrator only.
* Highly consistent activity monitor for Mac program does not demands any further software / hardware installation for tracking your personal computer system.

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