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Gecko Computer Monitoring Software

Gecko Computer Monitoring Software is the complete solution to monitoring everything that happens on your computer while you're away. Perfect for parents who want to monitor their childs computer or bosses who want to monitor their employees computers - Gecko Monitor has everything you'll need to give you peace of mind. What can Gecko Monitor can do for you? Takes screenshots of all windows & websites. Logs every application used and tells you when it was used. Logs every website visited and tells you when it was visited. Reports what was typed into every application & website. Monitors all printed documents, including times printed. Emails reports to you remotely & secretly, at times set by you. Innovative timeline feature - an easy to understand timeline of events. Monitors all file activity, including saved, Combining powerful monitoring tools and stealth, Gecko Monitor has a number of great features including the ability to monitor every website visited, every program used and every keystroke pressed - as well as taking screenshots of everything that happens on screen. The more advanced features of Gecko Monitor make this software the most advanced, all in one, computer monitoring solution on the market, why not download our free trial and see for yourself?
Why Gecko Monitor? Simple - Gecko Monitor is the easiest to use, stealthiest, most powerful computer monitoring software available on the market. Want another reason? We out price our competitors by a long shot! Once installed, Gecko Monitor will silently monitor - even after the computer gets turned off or restarted. You can view the logs at anytime by pressing the secret key combination and entering your password, or just wait for them to be emailed to you remotely.

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