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Company offers affordable keystroke logger application at that provides user finest way to trace work executed on your computer system during absence by secretly recording every keyboard strokes and clipboard content in simple to evaluate log files at desired location of computer hard disk memory. Efficient keyboard logger monitoring software executes in total hidden secret mode providing computer owner best tool to remove keylogger presence marks from computer memory by deleting desktop icon, removing application from all programs of Windows start menu, hiding software data from program files folder and concealing application from control panel of Windows OS. Powerful and effective keystroke logger program records every activity of secondary user on your computer machine in activity log files holding information of files opened, folders navigated, websites browsed, URL typed, applications launched, emails chat conversations and other activities of guest person. Versatile activity tracing keylogger software at enables user to get absolute details of work processed in their absence without coming in consideration of guest system users provided with easy to handle graphical interface having full support guide during every step of system usage monitoring settings customization and generated activity log files analysis process so even non technical system administrator can easily operate without requiring any special technical guidance.
* Keystroke logger software monitors and record details of every user pressed system key strokes.
* Advanced system monitoring program stores system usage in simple HTML/ TXT formal lo files.
* Keylogger monitoring software traces and stores complete information of user internet activities.
* Key board logger application automatically sends log files to owner specified email address secretly.

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