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Accent OFFICE Password Recovery

How to break passwords in MS Office and OpenOffice?

An amazing solution to the problem of lost MS Office and OpenOffice passwords for everyone is right here: And here is why.

- Passwords for all versions of Microsoft Office and OpenOffice
- Highest recovery rate
- Supported AMD and NVIDIA video cards!
- No learning curve

Passwords for all versions of Microsoft Office and OpenOffice!
The program works with MS Office documents of all versions: from Office 95 to Office 2019. It recognizes Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents. And it also knows the OpenOffice format and recovers passwords to Writer, Calc, Impress, Base, Draw and Math documents. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery breaks most types of protection for all these documents.

Highest recovery rate!
The program instantly recovers many password types for Microsoft Office documents: VBA passwords, passwords to modify, passwords to Excel sheets, passwords to open Access databases. The program uses optimized algorithms taking into account the peculiarities of the computer and its CPU to break hard-to-recover passwords. Tests show that program is the leader concerning how fast it finds Microsoft Office and OpenOffice passwords.

Supported AMD and NVIDIA video cards!
The program supports two competing GPU computation technologies: ATI Stream and NVIDIA CUDA, which allows the program to use AMD and NVIDIA video cards to recover lost MS Office 2007/2010/2013 passwords. It makes password search up to 60 times faster than in similar programs that use only the CPU.

No learning curve!
You need neither special knowledge nor learning to be able to successfully recover passwords: everything is as simple and clear as it can possibly be. The program offers a concise graphical interface, enhanced tools for dictionary-based and mask-based attacks and a New Task wizard. The wizard helps even an inexperienced user to create password search tasks of any complexity.

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