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Downloading Data Terminator 1.2.2

Data Terminator is INFORMATION PROTECTION software - specially developed to securely protect confidential data from being accessed by a stranger.
Data Terminator uses Strong File Encryption EFS and Military Grade Unrecoverable Termination Algorithms to protect your confidential files and folders FROM UNWANTED DATA RECOVERY and unauthorized access to your important business or private information.
Encrypted files can't be used on another computer or by another user except YOU.
If you lost control over your computer (your PC was lost or stolen) or unwanted scrutiny tries to audit it, Data Terminator will help you to remotely permanently erase files with private information having YOUR INFORMATION SECURE .
Protect your business information: clients, employees or partners list, sales reports, pricing, research, source codes
Protect your personal information: private emails and address book; bank and credit cards information; medical history and family photos; chat and browser history; passwords and licenses
with Data Terminator

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