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Easy Folder Lock - Best Folder Lock Software to Hide, Lock and Password Protect Your Sensitive Files and Folders. Easy Folder Lock Uses the World-class 256-bit AES Encryption Technology Which Provides Powerful Protection to All Your Privacy Files and Folders on Your Computers. All Your Protected Files and Folders Will Be Completely Hidden, Locked and Password Protected. No One But You Can See, Open, Edit, Copy or Delete Them!
1. Automatic Hide & Lock You can easily add files or folders to Easy Folder Lock by dragging them into the box. All the added items will be automatically hidden and locked up.
2. Password Protection All the confidential files and folders are password protected with 256-bit AES encrytion Technology. Only you who knows the password can view, open, edit, copy and delete them.
3. Protection Modes You can switch protection modes among "Hide", "Lock" or "Hide & Lock" to meet your needs of protecting different documents.
4. Software Self-Protection The Self-Protection Mechanism which automatically records password attempts and avoid documents exposures by protecting the software from unauthorized uninstall.
5. Password Management You can easily change your Master Password in the Security Section by entering your current password and new passowrd.
6. Protection List Backup You can export and back up the current protected files/folders as a XML files. When needed, you can import the backup file and the listed items will be protected automatically.
7. Auto Update When update is available, you will be informed timely. You can easily update your Easy Folder Lock to upgrate the protection to your files and folders.
8. Easy to Use Comparing to other folder lock software, Easy Folder Lock is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. You can easily manage your confidential documents with few clicks on the interface.

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