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Do you lock up your house when you leave? Yes, if you care about your property. But your data may be no less important. Data theft can be as bad as property theft and sometimes it can easily ruin an emerging business. It is time to think about security of your data, and encryption software is the only reliable way to ensure it. Kryptel is a time-proven solution for encrypted data storage and backup. Whatever your security demands are - from a single-click file encryption to complex automated encryption jobs - Kryptel can deliver. Just download the free trial and see how easy can you protect your critical data! Kryptel uses the newest Advanced Encryption Standard for data encryption along with other advanced technologies to ensure user's critical files are safe. The encrypted backup feature and efficient data compression make Kryptel an ideal tool for archiving sensitive data. The integrated file shredder provides secure deletion of sensitive files in accordance to DoD 5220.22-M specification. Kryptel Encryption Suite is well suited for both home and corporate use and can satisfy most demanding security needs.

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