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SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free is a powerful hard disk deletion software, designed to protect your data against leakage and theft when disposing of your PC. Since entered files, personal information, bank account number and confidential data of your private life or company that were input into your PC hard drive could be traced back, even after emptying the recycle bin and formatting the whole PC hard drive, having the proper software to delete the hard drive is crucial for a secure PC disposal. For this purpose, SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free presents the user with the ultimate deletion method to delete the hard drive wipe clean from stored data and file traces. SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free makes a thorough deletion process in which the entire data bank stored in the PC hard drive, including the OS, is deleted. SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free is not only secure but also safe and efficient on deleting everything on your hard drive, leaving no trace of your confidential file and data that normal file removal tactics or applications leave. On SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free, you get the opportunity to use the Overwrite Constant Number deletion method, where to delete the hard drive; the entire sector is overwritten once with a predetermined constant. This deletion mechanism runs totally automatically even when a broken sector is found, giving the user the total certainty that privacy will be protected. By introducing the user with this security measurement, the user does not need to worry about private information leakage, or confidential data loss or the company's financial data being restored after PC disposal. SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Free gives you a small peek on what the full version of SECUDRIVE Sanitizer has to offer its customers. For more detailed information about our product, refer to the link: Feel free to look up on the other products SECUDRIVE has to offer, for your company's security, to your privacy and even to your every day computer usage comfort.

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