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File and Folder Hider

Have you ever wished that you can keep praying eyes away from your private files? With this File and Folder Hider, you can easily protect private data on your computer that you don't want anyone to see. You can lock and hide any files and folder on your system by just a few simple clicks, and the locked files will no longer be accesssible by anyone but YOU.Lab Loveholic's file and folder hider is used to protect any files and folders that you don't want your friends, family, co-workers and others to see. With just one or two simple clicks, you can lock or unlock any files and folders. Once a file or folder is locked, it can no longer be accessed, read or seem. The locked files also will not be found by Windows File Search. The great thing about this File and Folder Hider is that you can even lock out a whole folder including subfolders under it, which makes it relatively easy to manage.

Features :
Extremely easy to use.
Lock folders anywhere on you computer with single click.
Hide any folders anywhere on your harddrive with single click.
All subfolders under a locked/hidden folder will also be locked/hidden.
Hide images, videos, documents.
Low on memory usage.
Fashion interface.

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