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ProxyShell Hide IP Standard

ProxyShell Hide IP is a powerful proxy service which provides encrypted proxy IP addresses for anonymous surfing, with advanced features. ProxyShell Hide IP provides 100+ proxy IPs of our own for fast speed anonymous surfing. This service allows you to surf the internet using up to 6 proxy IPs at the same time, not just one proxy IP. It has ability to automatically change IP for each request or for each site. ProxyShell Hide IP can help you hide IP address, surf the web without anyone knowing who you are and what sites you are visiting, protect your own information and reading interests. Key features of ProxyShell Hide IP
- Private proxy servers located in US/UK
- 100+ fast and stable proxy IPs you can choose from
- Support HTTP, HTTPS sites (https://)
- Use up to 6 proxy IPs at the same time
- Ability to change IP for each request automatically
- Ability to change IP for each site automatically
- Encrypt all your surfings so other people cannot monitor you
- Fast connection speed, affordable yearly fee
- Work with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, no configuration needed

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