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Altova DiffDog 2007 is the developer’s dedicated differencing utility. This powerful, easy-to-use synchronization tool quickly compares and merges source code and text-based files and diverse directories via its straightforward visual interface. Uniquely, it also provides advanced XML-aware differencing and editing capabilities based on those popularized in Altova XMLSpy. DiffDog 2007 integrates with any version control system that supports external differencing applications. For optimal efficiency, you can edit content directly within its differencing display, merge changes, and instantly re-compare the edited files. Intelligent syntax-coloring, line numbering, indentation guides, folding margins, and other innovative features are provided to assist in comparing source-code and XML files. The XML differencing capabilities in DiffDog 2007 include DTD/schema-based validation, well-formedness checking, intelligent entry helpers, optional entity resolution, discretionary consideration of attribute and child element ordering, and many others. Moreover, it allows you to compare XML files in the advanced text view or the indispensable grid view that was first introduced in XMLSpy. DiffDog 2007 also provides powerful capabilities for directory comparisons, allowing you to compare and merge directories with optional XML-awareness, and open and edit file pairs directly from the directory comparison view. You can instantly identify the differences in two versions of a large directory, open and edit files side-by-side, then move what you want into your target directories. With all this you can reconcile source code or XML file versions, synch-up files on your laptop and desktop computers, or even modify and merge your play lists or photo collections in a matter of seconds. Differencing results may be exported in text or XML formats. Let DiffDog 2007 track down the differences in your development and integration projects. Download a free 30-day trial today.

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