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ActiveEmail SMTP/POP3 Toolkit

The ActiveEmail OLE/COM component provides SMTP- and POP3 e-mail functionality to any Windows development platform. The product features: Multiple recipients (To,CC,BCC), multiple attachments (ASCII and binary), Rich Text HTML formatting, Unicode, multiple character sets (incl. ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-2, ISO-2022-jp, UTF-7, UTF-8), SMTP authentication (AUTH PLAIN, AUTH LOGIN, AUTH CRAM-MD5), POP3 authentication (Plain Text, APOP3) , POP3 header download, different encodings (7 bit, 8 bit, quoted-printable, base64). To improve performance, outgoing mails can be queued, and processed in the background by the ActiveEmail Queue service (with no extra costs). The product also features NNTP news postings to news servers. Product can be used with ASP, VBScript, PHP, Java and Javascript, Access, Visual Basic, Visual C++, C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net on various operating systems, including Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME/98 and Windows NT 4.

Features :
Send messages using SMTP;
Receive messages using POP3;
Multiple recipients (To, CC, BCC);
Multiple Attachments (ASCII and binary);
Rich Text message body formatting(HTML);
Embedded objects in message body, like sounds, images, etc.;
Unicode support;
Multiple character sets (to support foreign languages), including Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Russian, Hebrew, Vietnames and many more;
SMTP authorization, supporting AUTH PLAIN, AUTH LOGIN and AUTH CRAM-MD5 login algorithms;
POP3 authorization, supporting Plain text and APOP3 authorization;
POP3 header download;
Mailqueue to improve performance of scripts;
Support for 7/8 bit, quoted-printable and base64 encoding;
Detailed error descriptions;
Advanced tracing (for troubleshooting purposes);
Windows Event Logging;
Samples included for various development platforms: Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++, Visual C# .NET, ASP, ASP .NET, Delphi, PHP and more.

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